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1- Large Mirror Art. 31 (Qty 1)
Width: 74, Depth: 3, Height: 34, Weight: 130, Volume m³: 0.23, SKU: i30932

2- Large Buffet (Qty 1)
Width: 83, Depth: 20, Height: 33, Weight: 339, Volume m³: 0.65, SKU: i30933
2 Doors + 3 Drawers


Luxury Classic Dining room set from Arredoclassic, Italy. Neo classic style combined with traditional elements. High quality and durability. Made in Italy **SOME PRICES MAY BE INCORRECT, PLEASE CHECK WITH THE OFFICE FIRST** *PRODUCT NOT AVAILABLE FOR LOS ANGELES AREA*

Materials: Glass, Marble and Marble looking, MDF
Finishes: High Gloss Lacquer, Mat